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Finally, a wealth of reference material, including a complete list of Eliot's publications and a full bibliography, rounds out the volume by giving readers ample sources for continuing their studies. Edited and with an introduction by John Paul Riquelme, the collection is a gateway to the best of Eliot and his critics. Each essay is 5, words in length, and all essays conclude with a list of "Works Cited," along with endnotes.

Finally, the volume's appendixes offer a section of useful reference resources:. The intervening essays work between those poles.

The Literary Criticism of T.S. Eliot

You will find commonalities and divergences among these essays. Mayer and Bush both argue for interpretations that emphasize character and psychology, while my poststructural reading finds Eliot thoroughly challenging the notions of self and person. A great starting point for students seeking an introduction to Joseph Conrad and the critical discussions surrounding his work. This volume provides broad coverage of Cheever and his work. Original essays discuss the basic facts of Cheever's life and critical reputation.

The work explore his complicated personal life and discusses his decorous style and fragmented structure, and his fascination with language.

A great starting point for students seeking an introduction to Geoffrey Chaucer and the critical discussions surrounding his work. Louis in to a family with prominent New England heritage. Eliot largely abandoned his Midwestern roots and chose to ally himself with both New and Old England throughout his life.

The Prose Eliot

He attended Harvard as an undergraduate in , was accepted into the literary circles, and had a predilection for 16th- and 17th-century poetry, the Italian Renaissance particularly Dante , Eastern religion, and philosophy. Eliot took from them a sensual yet precise attention to symbolic images, a feature that would be the hallmark of his brand of Modernism. Eliot also earned a master's degree from Harvard in before studying in Paris and Germany.

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He settled in England in at the outbreak of World War I, studying at Oxford, teaching, and working at a bank. In he married British writer Vivienne Haigh-Wood they would divorce in , a woman prone to poor physical and mental health; in November of , Eliot had a nervous breakdown.

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Alfred Prufrock ," a work begun in his days at Harvard. Eliot's reputation was bolstered by the admiration and aid of esteemed contemporary poet Ezra Pound, the other tower of Modernist poetry. During Eliot's recuperation from his breakdown in a Swiss sanitarium, he wrote " The Waste Land ," arguably the most influential English-language poem ever written. Eliot founded the quarterly Criterion in , editing it until its end in He was now the voice of Modernism, and in London he expanded the breadth of his writing.

In addition to writing poetry and editing it for various publications, he wrote philosophical reviews and a number of critical essays.

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Many of these, such as "Tradition and the Individual Talent," have become classics, smartly and affectionately dissecting other poets while subliminally informing the reader about Eliot's own work. Eliot declared his preference for poetry that does away with the poet's own personality and uses the "objective correlative" of symbolic, meaningful, and often chaotic concrete imagery.

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Eliot joined the Church of England in and his subsequent work reflects his Anglican attitudes. The six-part poem "Ash Wednesday" and other religious works in the early part of the s, while notable in their own right, retrospectively feel like a warm-up for his epic " Four Quartets " completed and published together in Eliot used his wit, philosophical preoccupation with time, and vocal range to examine further religious issues. Eliot wrote his first play, " Murder in the Cathedral ," in Eliot 7.

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Cobden-Sanderson Cobden-Sanderson []. Knopf Dent [] rep Eliot : Shakespearean criticism I. From Dryden to Coleridge, pp Hope Mirlees from T. Stearns Eliot " in dust-jacket