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The final element I want to talk about is stanza. Mora made her poem into two different stanzas the first talking about us Americans and the way that they see us living our lives. Saying we eat hot dogs and call our children Bill and Daisy.

The second stanza is talking about how the immigrants get in their babies head to try to tell them that they are American. In this case I think Mora was trying to break up the poem to explain both part interact with each other. The first part gets her emotions out about the subject and then the second part describes how to get them out.

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Now, that may not makes sense to you, however if you look at it from her eyes and try to put yourself in her shoes you may get a better understanding of what I am trying to say. To us it is not perfect and it never will be, but to them it is what everyone wants and what everyone looks forward to.

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It comes down to wanting the best for your children and not worrying about yourself. For my reflection on this poem I tried to do something a little different than everyone else. The poem talks of the pressures they have to face in order to be acknowledged as Americans. The nature of this poem is somewhat that of anxiety and fear.

Fear that they will not raise their children under the right values, that society will not deem them American enough even after they conform to the accepted way of life. The English lesson talks of a group of twenty eight individuals who wish to learn the English language as they believe this will earn an equal divide with the rest of the American citizens. Some desire to become citizens in this country while some just want to find suitable jobs since they cannot do so in their own countries, majority just want a better life for their families It is clear that to them America promises great fortunes, equal opportunities and a democracy that the so eagerly seek.

Immigrants Poem Pat Mora Essays

The poem Immigrant shows us the struggles that are faced by immigrants. The title used by the writer is particular and to the point since a reader can easily discern that these are the problems being faced by immigrants as they bring up their children into these cultures as they themselves assimilate into it. The main theme that stands out in the poem is that of immigrants as they try to assimilate the American culture from their native ways. They feed their children these foods to ensure they grow up already accustomed to the ways of the Americans.

They are willing to go above and beyond almost putting their health in danger in their mission to have their desire fulfilled. They are raising a generation that will certainly be faced by identity crisis.

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These parents seem apprehensive of teaching their children of their children preferring to do so in the dark. This should be the lesson taught to immigrants and not that they are inferior in any way.


This poem is sometimes called 'Anyway', and here it is. Immigrants by Pat Mora.

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