An unforgettable plane journey essay

It was a hopping flight with a 30 min break at Pune. We were ready and waiting for the take off. Firstly the plane went on the run way till the opposite end and all the while i was feeling as if i am sitting in a bus :D. But finally it took an about-turn and the speed increased exponentially. Within a few seconds we were high, up in the sky.

The view was breath-taking.

The roads seemed like bright lighted lines, the houses and cars seemed like toys. The actual city looked like a toy model of a city. My ears were humming initially when the plane increased the height, but later on everything was fine. Time just flew and very soon we landed at Pune. After a 30 min break, the plane again took off. Our pilot Mr. Shashidharan was an expert.

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We reached Bangalore before time at AM. The Bangalore airport is awesome maybe because the domestic and international airport is common. A bus dropped us till the airport. So may planes were lined up there. Our plane was at 72 numbered stop so you can imagine the view. Even at night the city looked so beautiful and well maintained. Firstly i was shocked and then i was surprised. The view while returning back was also very beautiful. Almost all the while 2 hrs.

The rivers and roads seemed like snakes. The green patches were beautiful.

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An essay on an unforgettable plane journey

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Back to Taiwan. This article has 1 comment. Introduction Amidst the global crisis in the airline industry, figures from the International Air Transport Association IATA report that actual passenger traffic worldwide has increased 5. Alarmingly, the Middle East has shown the strongest. Indian embassies affected by cyber espionage - April 7, Sensitive information about India's relations with the Middle East has been stolen and computers at the Consulate General of India in Dubai compromised in a cyber espionage attack blamed on people in China, according to a report by researchers from the Munk Centre for International.

Travel Writing Dubai The monotonous hours on the plane ended as I walked to the bus which drove the passengers to the airport. With one earphone piece in my right ear, listening to music, I tried to avoid the screeches of the young children and toddlers being awoken from the eight hour flight and being carried down to the bus. Fortunately, the weather had also lightened its mood and had let the heat fade away replacing it with the cool breeze that penetrated my …show more content….

Fortuitously we were near the start of the queue and the passport checking scarcely took longer than five minutes. The security check of the hand luggage was also unproblematic, that is for my parents and my sister. Frustratingly after showing the over cautious security guards that these electronics were not dangerous, I became exasperated even further when I had to open all the battery compartments for additional security checks. We now had a ten hour stay in Dubai until our plane to go to Saudi Arab arrived.

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  5. All we could do now was to explore the modernity of this wonderful international airport, though doing this for ten hours seemed impractical and my tired dad now had a problem on his hands. My sister who could no longer now hold her self plodded off to the nearest ladies toilets and all of us were thankful that the constant groaning had now ceased. After quickly booking one of the rooms in the hotel which was inside the airport it self, we rushed off to catch the rest of the eight hours of.