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Certain critical and high performance applications require distinct attributes in the either sides of the weld, e.

Numerical and artificial neural network modelling of friction stir welding

In order to meet these requirements, such systems are designed with a high strength aluminium alloy and a medium strength aluminium alloy with good corrosion resistance. However, in some stringent scenario, the weldment need to be used in as-welded condition as one of the alloys may be non-heat treatable e.

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AA and further machining of the weld is not possible because of inevitable reasons. On the other hand, another alloy may be heat treatable e. AA which may impose a limitation on use of filler wire as it may reduce the resulting mechanical properties of the weld joint. The development in welding technologies such as friction stir welding FSW and electron beam welding EBW have made it possible to weld aforementioned dissimilar materials that are otherwise difficult to weld with conventional arc welding processes.

FSW solid state and EBW fusion processes are considered in this study as both the processes are autogenous welding processes result in minimum possible heat input, better joint quality and mechanical properties among the respective category of welding processes. Many more investigations are required to exploit the best of the aforementioned developments.

Project: Friction Stir Robot Welding - AASS: Intelligent Control Lab

The work innovatively brings out a hybrid tool pin profile for welding thick section aluminum alloys, which has improved joint strength even at welding speeds seven times more than that is generally possible with conventional tool. The thesis also presents new models that can predict relation between weld bead geometry and weld strength in EBW and the prediction of defects in FSW.

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Electron Beam Welding and Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Aluminium Alloys (AA2219 and AA5083)

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