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Consequences Of Drinking And Driving

When a person drinks a glass of beer or a glass of wine, he usually does not feel the intoxication. However, such a small dose of alcohol still tones the body. A person starts to feel the rise of forces and the worst thing is that he starts to evaluate his capabilities inadequately. In case of strong or weak intoxications, causes of road accidents are fundamentally different. Under strong intoxications, accidents usually occur as a result of reduction of physiological functions.

Under low level of intoxication, except for the certain decrease of functioning, psychological effect is acting. After alcohol intake, the flow of psycho-physiological processes is being disturbed. These processes are responsible for the timeliness and correctness of actions of the driver in difficult traffic conditions. Visual acuity is being reduced, as well as the ability to distinguish the colors, which slows down the perception of rapidly changing traffic conditions.

Severity of these disorders depends on the dose of the alcohol which was consumed. After the alcohol intake functions of attention are being violated. Functions of memory, thinking processes are slowed down, muscle strength is being reduced, motor coordination is impaired, the time of sensorimotor responses increases. As a result, the driver needs more time to assess the traffic situation, for decision-making and implementation of the necessary control actions.

However, these violations are not being noticed by the driver. It may seem to him that he hit the brakes immediately, but in real he did it with lateness. The effects of alcohol on the human body and its performance is determined not only by its quantity, but also depends on many other factors. If alcohol is taken on an empty stomach, then alcohol is being rapidly absorbed and a person gets drunk faster. Ill and tired people are more exposed to alcohol intoxication and they get drunk faster.

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Degree of intoxication after the intake of the same dose of alcohol depends on individual tolerance, the age, sex, body weight and degree of addiction. Studies show that states or countries with lower BAC limit has far less alcohol related accidents. If you go over the legal limit of BAC, you would get fined large amounts of money to jail time, depending how high the BAC is.

Making the BAC limit lower might just prevent the accidents that killed hundreds of innocent people. Drinking alcohol has effect on the brain. First, it will fill cozy, warm and relaxing feeling. Then into judgment impairment, little use of slurred speech, and reason and caution are impaired.

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After that, there will be increase impairment of judgment, then to slow reflection, and more use of slurred speech. Next memory and comprehension are abnormally functioning, then blurred vision, to vomiting and instability to stand. Finally, if more alcohol are consumed, result unconsciousness, coma and to even death. So not drinking at all would be the best solution as it will be good for your health and not taking any risk of having a fatal accident.

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This might be hard for some people, but leaving their car and taking an alternative transportation would be the smartest, and also the safest way to get to the destination. There are problems that are just incorrigible and there are problems that can be prevented or solved. We should do any means to solve any corrodible problems in any ways. It might save one or it might save thousands of lives.

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Drinking and driving is making a death wish. Maybe, it might not be a big deal to some people who believe this will not happen to them, are gambling with their lives.

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