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The District of Columbia recognizes four categories of social work licensure. He or she is qualified to carry out duties such as case work and community organization while working under supervision. Like the LSWA, it is a non-independent license. Social workers can have many roles, but there are some that only LICSWs are qualified for: autonomous diagnosis and treatment of psychosocial issues.

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They can perform psychotherapy, either in agency settings or on their own. An exception is made for international programs. Social work degrees awarded by international schools must be evaluated by the Foreign Equivalency Determination Service; this unit is also under the banner of the CSWE. An individual who will seek the clinical credential will need at least 12 hours of clinical coursework. At least 6 must be at the graduate level. Examination is required for licensure at any level. All examinations are made available by the Association of Social Work Boards.

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Candidates receive their examination permission by applying to the Board. A student may be approved to take the exam who is in his or final term of an accredited program. Approved candidates contact the ASWB. Ultimately, they will schedule their own examinations.

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In order to be approved to take the clinical examination, the social worker will need to have met the clinical coursework requirement. According to regulations, Board approval is valid for two examination attempts or days. Additional requirements may be imposed by the Board after repeated examination failures. Typically, remediation consists of a review course. If the failures continue, the individual may need another year of supervised practice. Independent credentials are awarded only after 3, hours of supervised practice.

An LICSW will gain his or her supervised practice participating in the treatment and diagnosis process.

The LGSW will need hours of face-to-face supervision. The supervisor will be an independent social worker or independent clinical social worker, as appropriate. Supervisor and supervisee will be in very regular contact. The supervisee is expected to be under immediate supervision for an hour for every 32 supervised practice hours. In this instance, supervisor and supervisee are to have a written contract in place before the onset of supervision. The supervision period is to last two to four years. The supervised practice hours must have been accrued in the five years prior to application for the independent license.

You must enroll in 12 units to be considered a full-time student. Note to students seeking to complete the requirements for an Associate's Degree within 2 years : Although 12 units is considered "full time", students must enroll in, and complete, an average of at least 15 units in the Fall and Spring terms each year, or enroll in additional courses in the summer, in order to complete the minimum units required to earn an Associates Degree 60 units within 2 years of initial enrollment.

It depends on your unique situation. Students who are employed full-time 40 or more hours per week should limit themselves to no more than 6 units.

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If you are employed no more than 20 hours per week, you may sign up for 12 or more units provided that you don't have additional time commitments e. If you are not employed, full-time coursework units may be appropriate. However, if you have never attended college or are a returning student, then it may be wise to ease your way into the school routine by taking a reduced load for your first semester.

Taking an English course your first semester is a good idea if you are pursuing a degree or transfer.

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Also, if you are a math or science major, it is essential that you begin math as soon as possible a counselor can help you choose the appropriate math sequence for your major. In general, we advise you to start with your introductory major coursework and include general education courses that interest you to get to the unit load you want.

If you are not sure of your major yet, taking GE courses can be a good way to learn about the variety of fields available, as well as move forward in your educational journey.

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Please meet with a counselor to determine courses that might help you explore areas of interest and 'count' for GE at the same time. Taking an elective course that you enjoy guitar, art, physical activity, or computers is a good idea because it makes your college experience more rewarding. Counselors can help you determine your best course progression and choices depending on your own educational goal. Home New Students.

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