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All Booklets Church Marketing. All Education Lesson Plans. All Fun Galentine's Day Superhero. All Letterheads Company Holiday Personal. Posters All Posters Scientific. Imagine yourself in a meeting, with pages of analysis from the last 5 years of business management. One participant asks you a specific question regarding your operational costs dating 3 years back.

With data analysis tools you cannot go wrong, all the information you need is generated with a click, within a click, within a click. These reports also enable data collection by documenting the progress you make. Through them, you have the means to compare different periods of time and activity, growth, etc.

You can better see which products or services are more successful than others, which marketing campaign outperforms which other, and which markets or segments require more attention.

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Collecting all this data is indispensable — and by doing so, you build a paper trail of your past or, namely, a data trail. With these reports, you increase the understanding of risks and opportunities within your company. They accentuate the link between financial and non-financial performance: they streamline processes, reduce costs and improve efficiency. They help you compare your performance to other business units or other companies in the same sector. On a more specific level, a business report template can help you dig thoroughly into details, and discover correlations that would be overlooked otherwise.

All of these benefits, if used correctly, will provide insights into the most valuable information a business can obtain: will I survive on the market?


By creating that kind of a report, not only will you find your answer, but the whole organization can tackle deeper into specific insights that can bring operational value and control the overall expenditures. That being said, how to write this kind of report, with specific examples and templates, can provide building blocks to establish a successful business intelligence strategy.

Likewise, the scope varies according to the objective of the report. State beforehand the needs and goals, to direct you on the right path. It should be impartial, objective, with a planned presentation or dashboard reporting tool which enables an interactive flow of data and immediate access to every information needed to generate clear findings. Some good example of a business report you can find later in the article. Examples of business reports that we used in this article can be utilized in many different industries, the data can be customized based on the factual information of the specific department, organization, company or enterprise.

Interdepartmental communication can then effectively utilize findings and the content can be shared with key stakeholders. This first business report example focuses on one of the most important and data-driven department of any company: finance. Next to these are the revenue evolution over a year compared to its target predefined, the annual evolution of operational expenses for various business departments as well as the evolution of the EBIT compared to its target.

The different sets of visual representation of data can clearly point out specific trends or actions that need to be taken in order to stay on the financial track of a company.

1. Understand What Reports Are For

All your financial analysis can be integrated into a single visual. When the presentation becomes interactive, clicks will provide even deeper insights on your financial KPIs, findings and desired outcomes to make a company healthy in its financial operations. The importance of this dashboard lays within the fact that every finance manager can easily track and measure the whole financial overview of a specific company while gaining insights into the most valuable KPIs and metrics. Empowering a steadfast and operation-sensitive plan is one of the most important goals a business can have, and finance is right in the middle of this process.

Thanks to all this information displayed on a single dashboard, your report is greatly enhanced and backed with accurate information for you to make sound decisions.

It becomes easier to implement a solid and operation-sensitive management plan. When these people are investors, it is all the more critical to have a clean and up-to-date report for them to know how successful is the company they invest in, and for you to increase your chances to have more funds.

Q. How do I write a professional business report?

This example business report provides just that: an exact overview of the most important findings and specific values in a particular time-frame. You learn about the Return on Equity and Return on Asset, the Debt-Equity ratio, Working Capital ratio, but also see the evolution of a share price over time.

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Not to be limited just to these data, you can always customize and make a sample business report for your specific needs.