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Worse still, we may sneak off first to make a cup of coffee and flop down in front of the TV to watch that interesting movie. In fact, it now seems that we will do anything rather than make a start on the job in hand. Before you succumb to the lure of the comfort zone, and open up another six-pack, just consider this — the pain of starting now will be nothing compared to the pain you will suffer if you sit on the sideline and watch others pass you by on the road to riches. So to avoid blowing apart all your grand intentions here are five useful tools that can be used to really get started, and well on the way to being a winner.

Anything less than this, or if a hint of negativity creeps in, then it will make your job infinitely more difficult, or even end in failure. Negative thinking usually results in hold-ups and delays, so be careful, because it is at this crucial time when someone else will leap in and seize the moment instead, beating you to the post. However, life is not a contest where there has to be winners and losers.

Seize the Opportunity Essay

We are, after all, here to help each other, and by seizing the moment of opportunity and powering through to success, you will not only be bringing the good things into your own life, you will be helping many others along the way. So, each day should begin with a positive mental attitude , reinforcing this positive mindset as you wash, dress, and prepare for the day ahead.

Seize The Moment - Stephen Hawking

By doing this you will be able to handle the niggling problems and daily mishaps in a calm and optimistic frame of mind. You name it, and there is a real good excuse proving that there is no possible way that you can follow through. The fact is by saying it will be done later means that it will most probably never get done at all. When you falter and make pathetic excuses for not taking positive action you are condemning yourself to a life of frustration, at the bottom of the heap.

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So, put all these obstacles behind you for they have no place in your future, and tell yourself that from this point on nothing is going to stand in your way. NO REGRETS NOW Surely every one of us has, at some time in our life, done something, or embarked on some venture that came to grief, which later we have regretted, and have wished that we had not become involved in the first place. Regrets gnaw away at your dreams and aspirations, and if allowed to continue contaminating your mind, will rob you of any hope of achievement.

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Regret is as destructive as the rust that corrodes, and ultimately destroys the most hardened steel. Many famous people in the past have made colossal mistakes, where they afterwards could have crept away into some dark corner to lick their wounds and hide from public ridicule or scorn. But they courageously admitted that they were wrong in their estimation, and rather than give up have used that error of judgement as a learning process, and pressed on for the ultimate benefit of themselves and others.

To wait for someone else to decide for you, or push you into action, is to surrender your own power of choice.

Carpe Diem - How to Seize the Day

This moment is your golden opportunity to break away from the limitations of the past, and to live and act with a positive resolve. You must stop fretting about what has happened in the past, the opportunities you have let slip by, or the hurt that others may have inflicted on you, for there is nothing you can do now to undo what has already happened.

But you do have the power, at this very moment, to change your life for the better. Think of it like this. Today, this magic moment, could be the time when you either continue to live in obscurity, in the shadow of past failures and disappointments, or decide to push forward towards the success and riches that can be yours.

What made you love it? What was your special experience?

Action is the dynamic of worthwhile achievement , for it gives power to your goals, and sets you firmly on the path to living your dreams. It is one of the weaknesses of human nature to put something off that really should have been done long ago. As we have seen, there are numerous cop-outs that we can come up with, ideally suited for any occasion, just waiting there for us to use in order to avoid action.

After all, despite all our preparations we can never be absolutely certain that we are not making a mistake. So, have faith in yourself, and in your decision, and truly believe that you are taking the right step. Keep reminding yourself that you are unique, and that there is nobody else in the world quite like you, with all the knowledge and skills that you have in your armoury.

If your goals are realistic, if they make you feel good, and they serve others as well, then go after them with every ounce of determination that you possess. Without that great desire to succeed those goals will never be attained.

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This is the time to decide. But, this is the last one.

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  5. You CAN do this. You can pass the bar exam. Dig in and embrace bar review. It is an opportunity to get to do this kind of intense learning. Throw yourself in. Think of the bar exam as a photo that right now is blurry and out of focus.

    But each week as you get closer to the exam, you learn more and more, you refine your knowledge and your command of each subject, and that blurry photo comes more and more into focus. By July it will be crystal clear. I know I wrote about this days ago, but I just learned of a dear friend — a beautiful, vibrant, smart, and talented college grad whose life was taken from her at age If there is a lesson in this loss it is to make the most of every moment we have.

    Embrace the studies. Learn all that you can. And, know that you are on a road to not only do well but do good. Your future is bright.