Thesis of a comparative essay

Make sure you know the basis for comparison

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13 Compare and Contrast Thesis Examples to Inspire You

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Added: November 16, The statement acts as a summary of your intentions and is either one or two sentences long. It performs three important roles Developing a strong thesis statement for your comparative essay is made easier by considering these tips. The statement should be provided at the earliest opportunity in your essay.

In shorter essays, it forms part of the first paragraph. However, if your paper is long, it is written on the second paragraph.

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A thesis statement that is buried in the middle of a paragraph or paper is ineffective. Avoid vague words by making it as clear and specific as possible.

Indicate the point you are making in your paper in a subtle and natural flow. Do not rush to compose the thesis statement at the beginning of your research work. Have an idea of what you want to work on at the beginning.

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Therefore, one of your primary aims will be to identify how alike the two topics are that you have to chosen to compare. Furthermore, you might include a hypothesis that suggests how similar or alike you expect them to be.


Composing A Thesis Statement For A Comparative Essay

As part of your paper, you will then try to include any facts and comparisons that will help to prove or disprove your hypothesis. Whilst you may wish to include a hypothesis, this is not a necessity with a comparative paper. In fact, a hypothesis is often best used for scientific papers of an informative nature. Nevertheless, if you choose to include a hypothesis, or something similar, in your statement, then there is nothing wrong with this.

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  • One of the most important aspects of a thesis statement when writing a comparative essay is to provide the reader with further details about the topics that you will be discussing; essentially, you will want to ensure that the reader has a good enough understanding of the two topics before they proceed with the body section of your paper. Ultimately, you want them to understand what it is you are discussing, and potentially also why you want discussing these topics.