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Publication or other presentations of research results, enhances the reputation of a department, in turn enhancing the reputation of a University, and this conveys additional benefit to faculty, staff, and students of the University. Also, students may wish to become involved in the conduct of research in preparation for graduate school or other professional roles, and this early exposure to the process helps provide a framework from which to better understand the future research they will help to conduct as laboratory assistants, honors students, and graduate students.

Finally, students who participate in research or write papers about research become more familiar with the process of research and are, therefore, more informed consumers of research both inside and outside of class. Thus, this Department has instituted a research exposure requirement for its Introduction to Psychology course.

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The American Psychological Association states in its Code of Ethics, "When research participation is a course requirement or an opportunity for extra credit, the prospective participant is given the choice of equitable alternative activities" 8. Therefore, all students are given the opportunity to complete an alternate, time-equivalent, research-related activity i.

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The Department has adopted a standard policy for the research exposure requirement, to ensure that: students are given clear rules; participation is not coercive; there are clear channels for student questions, concerns, or complaints; and, that administration provides for accurate record keeping and grading. Students will be made aware that individuals vary in the time it takes to complete relevant tasks, and that studies and critique projects will award a standard number of points based on estimations of the time it takes an average person to complete the relevant tasks and it is the standard points that are awarded regardless of the time taken.

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  • For example, an estimated hour of task engagement be it study participation or a research article critique session would be listed as being worth one point, but some participants may take 50 minutes and others 70; regardless, each participant still receives one point.

    In cases where exceptionally longer is taken by a student to complete tasks, additional credit may be awarded at the discretion of the researcher or research exposure administrator.

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    Each student must earn a total of 5 research credits , and fulfillment of the research requirement must be completed by noon on Friday of the last day of classes or two days prior to the beginning of Spring Semester for Winter Term courses. All introductory psychology course instructors can offer additional extra credit beyond the five required points, up to a total to be determined by individual instructors.

    Generally, it is suggested that research exposure extra credit points be added to the final grade in terms of one final grade point per research exposure point obtained after the requirement has been met, up to a total of five points maximum to be added to the final grade i. American Psychological Association Ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct.

    Bowman, L. Volunteering in research: Student satisfaction and educational benefits. Teaching of Psychology, 30, Britton, B. Ethical and educational aspects of participating as a subject in psychology experiments. Teaching of Psychology, 6, Coulter, X.

    Academic value of research participation by undergraduates. American Psychologist, 41, Davis, J.

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    Psychology in action. There are many experiments offered at any given time, and they can choose from a list of experiments which includes brief, IRB-approved descriptions of each project for possible research participation. Experiments range from hours in duration, and only 4 hours or four of the brief written research reports are required to fulfill the research requirement. At present, students in Intro Psych cannot obtain more than 4 "credits," meaning that they do not get any "extra credit" if they do more than four.

    If they are really interested in participating in projects, though, we don't prevent them from additional participation.

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    Instructors of some upper-level undergraduate courses depending upon the course and instructor's option may also choose to offer research participation to their students, but this is only for extra credit, and only when the instructor allows for this i. Instructors who decide to "opt-in" and allow this for their students must still also offer their students alternatives to research participation so that they can earn extra credit in other ways. The alternatives for other courses are determined by each instructor and usually, these are typically brief papers on a topic specific to the class.

    Students may not "bank": either research credits or extra credit: in other words, the credit for research participation must be used for a current class - in which the student is currently enrolled.