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Both of the city states had different cultures, lifestyles, and laws. Athens has some good advantages that you won't find in Sparta. First they are a democratic society where the people can propose laws, debate openly on political issues and are allowed to criticize elected officials. This is an important fact to consider because if someone was open minded, opinionated, and liked to be heard then they would fit in great. Next Athens was very prosperous and even though they were not very focused on military power they still was able to deal with any crisis or types of chaos they encountered.

Athens vs. Sparta Essay

This showed that the Athenian people were able to maintain control and order in there city without revoking freedom and independence. Third lastly they believed in the balance between a sound mind and a sound body which means that it was not all about being strong and a powerful fighter but intelligence was also valued. Lastly they educated there people which gave them the opportunity to learn about arts and literature.

Athens also had some disadvantages because some of there rules and polisies were not to the advantages of all the people. To begin only male citizens at least 30 years old were allowed to vote.

People were not considered a citizen unless they were upper class so the slaves, servants and merchants had no say. Lastly only the upper class was allowed to go to school and the poor and lower classed were not educated. On the other hand there is Sparta which has advantages different to Athens.

Sparta always looked out for the common good of its people and there num Net In my freshman year of university I found it really hard to transition from my high school grading system to doing university course work. Be the first to like this.

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Sparta vs. There are advantages and disadvantages with living in both. If you were born in Sparta as an unhealthy boy they would kill you, but if you were healthy they would spare you. At the age of seven years you would be obligated to go to the army. At the age of thirty you were expected to marry, but you could not support the family. Until, the age of sixty you would be able to retire from the barracks. Athenian lifestyle is also very unique.

Athens worried more about education than military. Wealthy families with boys had the sons educated. The things that the children learned were to read, write and how quote literature. They additionally learned sports and dancing. This made the government a very successful government. A democracy is when the people rule and have a say, for example voting.

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Athens was the first to a democratic government. An oligarchy is when power is divided to many. They were ruled by two kings.

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  5. Sparta is in the south part of Greece on the contrary Athens is on the north part of Greece. It also has rivers; one of its main rivers is the Evrotas River. Athens also is very mountainous. This concludes to the point they do have advantages and disadvantages. Athens and Sparta have many things in common and different.