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James Crenshaw, for their encouragement, insightful comments, and hard questions. My sincere thanks also goes to Dr. James Crenshaw, Dr. Senthil Periaswamy, and Dr. Qiong Liu, for offering me the summer internship opportunities in their groups and leading me working on diverse exciting projects. She has no history of advising more than 1 student. As soon as I came, i heard that one student from developing country left her. Other students told me he was active and enthiusiastic when he first came.

I felt sorry for him but I thought may be I could do better. I was wrong! After three months she started to show off her hostile behavior.

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She even freighten me at times, if I dont deliver it within few tight days, she would write a letter to authorities to deport me. At first I was shaky, but now I dont care. I will contact another advisor or leave for my country. Oh, I fought an incredibly fierce war.

Much more than documents.

I secured permission from her to publish the papers solo, then sent it to a high impact journals. After few corrections, the journal accepted the two papers. I was very happy. Then she blocked my scholarship payment. The new supervisor tried to take advantage of the fact that I was abandoned.

I fought for sometime, tired and left. Since then I submitted three papers, one is accepted and the two are under review. But I realised that most professors are corrupt bureaucrats who dwarfs progress, which is contrary to the reason they are in their positions. U r article is good and I am also suffering because of my supervisor.

But when I go and meet with other professor for clearing a doubt he scolds me for not going through him. I also thought of solving this issue with department head but I am afraid they will support him only. I am so broken and donno what to do. Wish I had read this two years ago.

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I got out, too, but without the degree. I went into my doctoral program naively believing that my professors and mentors had my best interests at heart. Most did, but unfortunately, not the most powerful person—my adviser and committee chair. Who, yes, like in your case, was one and the same person. I had internalized all the abuse and felt I had no future in academia, which is where I wanted to be. I have moved on and life is good, but it was all a painful experience. People like your adviser, and mine, need to be forced to face their behavior.

Thank you for standing up to yours. Wish I had done the same. Are there any tips you can give me that will help me to overcome such issues? Hi, I have a similar problem but it was luck that this happened at the first half year and I quitted one month ago. I would like to call this guy as an ah, cutting my funding to support him to hire a postdoc instead, but as you mentioned in your blog, I kept all the records I have and sued him, eventually, I won and I quitted.

I just wanted to warn him this was a big mistake he made in his academic career. If your PhD advisor mistreats you, make sure to graduate and get a job in industry making more money than him. Following, let him know, very clearly, that you are richer and happier than he will ever be. After that register his email in every existent porn site and pay for a specialized prank company to send a box full of horse shit to his office with no possibility of return.

Meanwhile my PI tried recruiting a post-doc in the lab to help with the project. My PI is trying to work on communicating better with me so we decide on things together rather than them just telling me what to do. But then today they said the above statement. However, I joined the department as a PhD student! These professors are extremely abusive to graduate students and see them as their potential competitor. They treat PhD students as their slaves and punish them by delaying their graduation.

I know PhD students who worked for over 6 years and left without the degree. Just discovered this post.

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Not a post-grad student and never will pursue it after my horrible undergrad experience , but these things also happen in undergrad. In my university in engineering professors seem free to whatever they want short of sexual harassment. I saw and experienced a lot of unfair situations, from professors not following protocol to just playing favoritism. My worst experience was in a group project I was stuck with someone who simply was not helping me, he was being lazy and not doing enough of the work. I ended up basically having to do new work while my former partner finally did the part he had not done in time for himself and used my work as well we had a Google Drive folder.

Those might be the best and the most suitable thing that a person should be doing especially if they already feel to be mistreated by their academic adviser but they still wanted to become successful in their career in the end. I am in the 5th yr of grad school. Left with one more semester to graduate, I have managed to find a full time position in a reputed publishing company. However my mentor thinks I should have waited for 6 months and then started applying to jobs!

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Because of his damaging attitude there are grad students close to their 8th year still stuck in school. Being on a student visa, I need to have a form signed by the mentor to start employment. I am very disappointed. I wish there would be a group where we can all help each other. They are also sexually frustrated, overworking for stupid reasons or to meet a quota by the universities or to complete the fundings from federal grants used in their research assignments and publication and conferences speaking.

I cannot stressed enough for students, especially those still in undergraduate and definitely pursuing Masters, Professional, and Ph. Mistreatment by faculty is a global problem. Thanks for sharing. After trying like hell to be an eager beaver in the lab last semester, my solution is to find out the times when my adviser will not be present and only come at those times, that way I wont be interrupted by meaninglessness or shoved off an instrument.

Good advice! No support and guidance can be very frustrating. All i do is crying all the time. They tell you to mould this way or that way but one should really learn to network. I have done all of what you mentioned but not after reading your post, but before it and intuitively so. I just did not give up and eventually I was victorious. Hence I can attest, every worday of yours is true. Kudos to you for having fought a hard battle. As a master student a lot of things are against me, they treat me exactly like a dirt. But all these experiences guide me to realize that I have to pursue my goals doing a PhD in another country.

He knows of my invisible disability, which makes it so that I need a little more time to turn things in. Within my 59 pages, there were 2 pages that justified the extra time needed due to my disability which he already knew of. He contacted the disability resource center and told them that this project does not qualify for that extension. I was treated badly by my supervisor while I was doing MSc thesis. I have been struggled enough to finish my thesis. By the end of the day, I was awarded the MSc degree with a very poor grade on the thesis.

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The examiner even argued her my supervisor but she was invincible on that matter. I took GRE to prove myself, wrote research proposals. Every school depends on the thesis result.

What a fuck is going on the higher education system. Thank you very much for taking time to share your experience. In a similar boat and will share my experience once I get through the hell. Anyone going through this, get in touch, we got to fight this menace together. I have a pretty good experience of working with top administration of the university, as the leader of students, can share my experience that might come handy.